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voss aerospace

voss aerospace

Specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance clamping and coupling components and fabricated subassemblies for the aviation and aerospace markets. Principle products lines include: V-retainer couplings, rigid couplings, sheet metal and machined flanges, clamps and attachments for commercial and military aircraft pneumatic ducting system, jet engine bleed air connections, accessory attachments and missile components- as well as retention bands for satellite launching and space shuttle booster rocket assemblies. Extensive R&D, testing and prototyping projects are also performed.

Designs and manufactures specialized, high-quality clamp and coupling devices and coupling devices and custom fabrications for many “high-tech” industries. Voss Technologies uses innovative design capabilities and special processes developed for aerospace applications and apply them to product development and production for applications in such industries as telecommunications, medical, instrumentation, and defense.

OPE - Omanson Precision Engineering produces high reliability precision components for some of the leading companies in the aircraft and aerospace industries. OPE can provide your company with precision, and the quality assurance that you require when it comes to your aerospace machining needs. Our trained professionals work with cutting edge technology to manufacture parts to exact customer specifications.

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